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History of our Basketball and Athletics Programs!


How We Got 1991!

One on One Basketball, Inc. was started in March of 1991 with the purpose of providing off-season personal training to developing high school players. Incorporated in December of 1992, One on One Basketball, Inc. has spent the last 20+ years positioning itself as one of the leaders in team sport and and individual athletic instruction. What started with a simple passion for helping youth basketball players to take their game to the next level, has blossomed into a nationwide organization that offers numerous programs of all types, led by passionate, accessible, and skilled instructors. We are a network of basketball minds from around the country who constantly share experiences and strategies to provide the best experience possible for young basketball players.  Whether your child is just getting introduced to basketball, or if they are preparing for the season on their varsity team, we have proven expertise to guide their basketball skill development in the proper progression. One on One Basketball's mission is to motivate and guide all players of all ability levels to become students of a game which they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, whether at a park with friends or on a parquet floor playing in front of a packed arena!  We look forward to working with your son or daughter on the basketball court, and in turn, they will look forward to years of enjoyment with the greatest sport in the world!


Our Seattle Story...

Our Seattle office of One on One was launched in 2011, by Stuart Michie, M.S. Exercise Science, and is a year-round basketball instruction company that offers a wide variety of youth basketball programs in Seattle and basketball skills training for every age and skill-level. In just a few short years here, we've already partnered with around 50 schools, 5 community centers, and numerous teams and other organizations, to bring high-level basketball programs to their communities. To find a basketball program that is right for your son or daughter, contact Stuart at today!


Seattle Programs Overview:

After School Hoops is provided in area public and private elementary schools as a before or after school athletic enrichment activity.  This is an ideal non-competitive and fun indtroduction to the sport of basketball.  Students will learn fundamental athletic skills and important life skills that will propel their athletic and social development.

Player Development Program is a unique and results-driven youth basketball program.  There are six progressive skill classes that are distinguished by a color.  Players are evaluated at the first session to determine their current color level and must master a specific basketball skill-set to reach the next level.  This is a proven basketball program that can develop a beginner into a varsity-level player if that player is motivated and intent on improving their game.  Read more about the PDP Basketball Player Development Program in the programs section of our website.

Basketball Camps are offered with One on One Basketball's exceptional staff during summer, holiday breaks, and even single days off from school. One on One Basketball has vast experience directing basketball camps all over the world, with NBA players, and in neighborhoods like yours.  One on One Basketball has been creating and managing hundreds of basketball camps all over the world since the early 1990's.  Our company is a collection of great basketball players, basketball coaches and basketball trainers from all over the country and from all walks of life.  We have worked hard over the years, combining our experiences and best practices, to develop a camp experience that is both fun and challenging for all ages and ability levels.

Individual & Private Group Training is the best method of improving basketball skills and IQ for those players who have made a commitment to being a serious basketball player and aspire to play at a high level.  One on One will match an experienced instructor to guide your development in any specific phase of the game (shooting, ball-handling, post play, defense and rebounding, position strategy) .  We will develop a work plan for you and set difficult, but attainable goals for you as a player.  Individual training is suggested for players who are playing on teams and are intent on improving their skills.

Youth Coaching & Clinics are provided upon request.  Have you valiantly volunteered to coach the basketball team your son or daughter is on, but you don't know much about teaching basketball?  A One on One instructor can come work with your team directly at practice and help you progress as a parent coach.  Call or email Stuart Michie about your situation...and help will be on the way! 

Birthday Parties. You bring the cake...we bring the fun!  One on One throws a great birthday party, filled with fun games and competitions that will occupy the kids and sweat that sugar out!  If your son or daughter likes basketball, soccer, frisbee, etc., One on One has the recipe for an awesome party.

Youth Instructional Leagues have been developed to fill the void of rec leagues, CYO, and AAU.  Many youth basketball leagues and organizations do not offer team basketball until 8 years of age.  Most basketball leagues for young children rely on volunteer parent coaches who may be good players, but have not been trained how to teach basketball fundamentals to different age groups in the proper progression.  Five, six, and seven-year-olds are ready to be introduced to a team concept...under the proper conditions.  One on One Basketball offers Youth Leagues that are fun and effective introduction to team play.  We will teach your child fundamental motor skills that will improve their hand/eye coordination, balance, agility and foot-speed.  Scrimmages will be offered at the end of every session, where proper fundamentals are the focus...not the score.



Parting Thought:

Your child may not be the next Gary Payton, Detlef Schrempf, or Lauren Jackson...but if they are given the opportunity to learn basketball skills in a fun, caring and focused environment…then they will keep perspiring and aspiring…and that’s what it’s all about!